Closet Clean-out!

We’re already having some cooler days here in the lovely Pacific Northwest, and I’m anxious to get shopping for some warm fall clothing. But first, I need a clear picture of what I have to work with:

I still have maternity clothes in here!

I know what I'm going to find in these drawers. . .

. . . lots of worn t-shirts and Jeans That Don't Fit.

If all these clothes coordinated AND fit me, I would have plenty of wardrobe options to take me through the fall and winter. However, after I put my summer clothes and maternity wear in storage, and set aside a big ol’ pile of things to donate, I was left with this:

I'm feeling. . . underwhelmed.

Casual clothes (including a short winter coat) are on the left; dressy clothes on the right.

Clothes that are more than a size too small are in zippered bags under my bed. But I have a small pile of things that are just a smidgen too tight:

Two pairs of pants, three blouses, two sweaters and a skirt.

I won’t hang these with my main wardrobe, but I will keep them folded on the top shelf of the closet to make it easy to try them on throughout the season. Because I hope to be too small for them by NEXT fall!

Not pictured: a pair of jeans that fits me. Because I don’t own such a pair. Also not pictured: my workout clothes, a tan trench coat, several pairs of shoes which will appear in future posts, and lots of scarves. Thank goodness for those scarves; I’ll need to accessorize like mad to get some mileage out of this wardrobe.

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About carmina33

I am a thirty-something mom who aspires to leave her frumpy lifestyle behind. Follow me as I develop my personal style and upgrade my wardrobe (affordably!) all while losing weight.
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