Winter, refreshed

No need to replace my whole wardrobe this winter– my fall clothes will see me through the rest of the cold season. However, I am looking for a few things in shades of taupe, ivory, and gray. Since they are lighter versions of the neutrals that are already in my wardrobe (black and brown) they will blend seamlessly with what I am currently wearing. However, unlike black and brown, they will inject some welcome lightness into my winter wardrobe, and will also provide a soft backdrop for the clear, bright colors I will be adding in the spring.

I start by adding two pieces that can go from casual to dressy:

1. an ivory turtleneck, in a silk blend for subtle sheen

2. a gray jacket

I add three pairs of casual pants, since my dark jeans are getting droopy:

3. taupe corduroy

4. ivory corduroy

5. gray denim

Finally, in these dark days of winter, I crave things that sparkle and shine (think of a snowdrift):

6. pewter flats

7. a sequin handbag

8. crystal and pearl earrings

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About carmina33

I am a thirty-something mom who aspires to leave her frumpy lifestyle behind. Follow me as I develop my personal style and upgrade my wardrobe (affordably!) all while losing weight.
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