UPDATE: Winter, refreshed

I waited too long and many of the things on my list were sold out. Next fall, I’ll plan on buying these transitional items before I need them, when the stores are still fully stocked with cold-weather items.  On the bright side,  I was able to find some less expensive options than what I had originally picked out. That silver scarf– from a church rummage sale– really was only 50 cents! Here’s what I ended up with:

Casual Daytime Dressy Accessories
black skechers 34.99 gray wool blazer 52.78 sequin coin purse 7.00
ivory cords 9.99 white ruffle blouse 47.70 lace evening bag 4.99
black twill jacket free striped silver scarf 0.50
metallic clutch 4.99
gray booties 39.99
tights 8.50
2 headbands 6.97
black leather clutch 44.24
totals 44.98 100.48 117.18

Photos coming soon!

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About carmina33

I am a thirty-something mom who aspires to leave her frumpy lifestyle behind. Follow me as I develop my personal style and upgrade my wardrobe (affordably!) all while losing weight.
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